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Sustainable Loft Insulation Products

Eco Design & Build prides itself on using highly sustainable products throughout design, construction and insulation phases of a loft conversion. To fully design and create for efficiency it is important to maximise the sustainable potential of each construction. We endorse eco-friendly and sustainable methodologies to our work in order to to benefit the environment, the living space and the client. When we insulate a loft conversion we use an environmentally friendly, high quality and sustainable product, Icynene spray foam insulation. Eco Design & Build has contributed to over 7 years of experience in loft conversions, spray foam insulation and practicing construction with sustainability at heart.

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Sustainable Values, Roofs & Lofts

Eco Design & Build carefully crafts bespoke loft conversions with optimum sustainability in mind. Our transparent approach, working with your builders, or able to provide our own, can ensure a robust and clean finish for your home. We understand that the desire for environmentally friendly work, that lasts as long as the house itself and then has minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We endorse values that ensure eco-friendliness, reducing your carbon footprint on the environment. Additionally, we craft sleek and elegant loft conversions for every home. We are the industry experts and we are here to help you make the right decision. Check out the types of loft conversions that we can provide you with today.